Product and service warranty

a) For all products and services that Wacom supplies as principal, Wacom provides:

  1. the statutory guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law for Australian consumers; or
  2. the warranties and rights under the New Zealand Fair Trading Act 1986 and/or the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 for New Zealand consumers.

b) if you wish to make any warranty/statutory guarantee/consumer law claim you should contact Wacom Customer Support via telephone at:

  1. in Australia: 1300 2 WACOM (1300 292 266);
  2. in New Zealand: 0800 4 WACOM (0800 492 266).

c) Where you purchase a product or service through the Wacom ANZ eStore that is subject to a third party’s terms and conditions of supply and we are acting as a selling agent for that third party in that transaction (and not as principal), then your rights, including your rights as a consumer, are against that third party and not against Wacom.

d) To the extent permitted by law, Wacom expressly excludes any warranty that:

  1. the products can be used, or have particular characteristics when combined with, or attached to, other products, in a particular way;
  2. the products comply with any particular law or standard, or have any particular certification, permit or approval.

e) You acknowledge and agree that:

  1. you have not relied on any oral representation or any written representation (including any representation on a different website or in a brochure) that is not stated on the Wacom ANZ eStore;
  2. it is not reasonable for you to rely on our skill and judgment to guarantee that any products or services are fit for a particular purpose or that any particular outcome will be achieved as a result of any services, or any product that results from any services;
  3. you have used your own skill and judgment and relied on your own expertise in making the final selection and purchase of the products and services, and has not made any particular use, requirement or outcome known to Wacom.

Data Notice

f) If you need to send us your product for a repair, exchange or replacement for any reason we provide you with the following notice. For Australian consumers, this notice is required under Regulation 91 of the Australian Consumer Law.


User Generated Data Notice

Wacom gives you notice that if Wacom repairs goods that are capable of retaining user-generated data, (e.g. computer hard drives, mobile phones, portable media players, games consoles, USB memory sticks), then Wacom provides notice that the repair of the goods may result in the loss of the data.


Availability of Spares and Repair Facilities

g) Wacom will take reasonable action to ensure that there are facilities available for the repair of products and that spares are reasonably available for the products for a minimum period of 12 months from date of your Order.

h) You must order and pay separately for all repairs and spares ordered from us (other than where the repair is covered by our warranty or your rights under the New Zealand Fair Trading Act 1986 and/or the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, as applicable.