Bamboo Ink and Ink Plus

Designed to power your on–screen creativity, Bamboo Ink and Bamboo Ink Plus come loaded with features. Fire up Windows Ink using Bamboo Ink Plus’ Bluetooth key to seamlessly annotate documents, capture and share sketches and notes or hone your artistic skills with the fine–tipped stylus.

Wacom One Pen

Bamboo Stylus

Write, sketch, draw or doodle on screen as you would on paper with a Wacom stylus. Choose the Bamboo Solo for great ergonomic design, the Bamboo Duo for creating on paper and on screen, or the Bamboo Fineline for an authentic handwriting experience.

Bamboo Ink - add a pen to your pen enabled computer

Many notebook PCs and tablets are compatible with Wacom Bamboo Ink accessory pens. For teachers and students who have a Wacom pen enabled computer, Wacom Bamboo Ink and Ink Plus, especially when combined with Wacom’s free Bamboo Paper application, bring a precise pen to remote teaching and learning tasks.

Bamboo Paper - An app that turns your mobile device into a paper notebook

Whether you need to learn, teach or work from home, or you simply want to have some creative fun with your kids, friends, or colleagues, here you can find out everything you need to know about Bamboo Paper and how you can use it.