Fire up your creativity with a Wacom smart pen

Whether you want to sketch on your smartphone, turn your paper–based notes into digital files or create precision designs on a Pen Computer or Tablet, there’s a Wacom pen designed just for you.


Exceed your own creative expectations


Boost precision with exchangeable nibs

Replace old pen nibs or collect different ones to give your pen for Wacom Bamboo Pad or Wacom Intuos 4/5 even more of a creative edge. Extra nibs will help you raise your game and take your illustrations and doodles to a whole new level.


Tools to take you further

Cables and power

Get charged up with the latest Wacom accessories

Wacom’s range of cables and chargers ensure you’ll never run out of juice, no matter where you want to create. Adapters are ideal for those who travel frequently for work, while 2–in–2 cables let you connect different accessories to your Wacom Pen Computer or Tablet.

Cables & Powers

Expand your creative horizons

Cases and Bags

Discover the range


Get your tablet into the right position

Use an adjustable stand to get your Wacom Pen Computer, Display or Tablet into the perfect position, allowing you to work and create unimpeded. Varying tilt angles and sharp designs make Wacom stands an essential accessory for all designers and creators.


Boost your creativity with the right tools


Power your creativity with these Wacom accessories

Give your Wacom Pen Computer, Display or Tablet the edge with these smart accessories. Use an ExpressKey Remote to create easy shortcuts, invest in dedicated Bamboo Notepads to digitise your drawings and pick up a SmudgeGuard to protect your work from unseemly marks.


Explore new creative possibilities