Signature Set, STU-540 & sign pro PDF for Windows


This Wacom Signature Set consists of a Wacom STU-540 digital signature pad and pen, and Wacom’s sign pro PDF electronic signature software. Together, these two products let you capture handwritten electronic signatures from citizens, patients and customers during in-person meetings or over-the-counter transactions.

The industry-leading Wacom digital signature pad, together with the patented cordless, battery-free Wacom digital pen, make signing documents as fast and easy as it is with traditional pen and paper.

The Wacom signature pad plugs into the USB socket of any Windows PC, and the sign pro PDF for Windows software is quick and easy to install and use. In addition, the Wacom STU-540 features a high resolution color screen that can be used to display promotional material when not in signing mode.

Typical use cases for Signature Set include signature capture during over-the-counter transactions within banks, repair shops, post offices and other consumer/retail environments.



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Key Features and Benefits

Simple integration: A USB-powered signature pad that just works with Windows PCs, right out of the box.  

Zero maintenance: Cordless, battery-free pen and scratch-resistant signature pad surface that has been proven to handle over 500,000 signatures without wear.

Lower costs: Through the elimination of paper form production, processing and management.  

Higher customer satisfaction: Convenient, familiar signing experience that accommodates longer signatures and varying light conditions at desks and service counters.

Built-in security with RSA signature encryption and cryptographic hashing that ensures signatures become invalid if someone tries to alter the document later.

What's included:

  • STU-540
  • Cordless and battery-free pen
  • USB cable (9.84 ft / 3 m)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Pen tether (nylon fiber, 19.7 inch / 50 cm)
  • Extra pen nibs
  • Nib removal tool

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