The DTH-1152 is the premier compact pen display for businesses looking to implement electronic review, completion and signing of documents. It combines Wacom’s industry-leading pen technology with an extremely responsive multi-touch screen. Utilize the touch screen to scroll, pan or zoom within documents. With the pen, annotate, fill-out and sign those documents with all the ease of pen on paper. Standard HDMI video connections provide greater flexibility in a variety of virtualized desktop configurations, and a VCP (Virtual Com Port) mode is available to support legacy virtualized environments.
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Interactive pen display DTH-1152


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The DTH-1152 provides both pen and touch input in a compact pen display for convenience when reviewing, annotating and applying electronic signatures to digital documents. Users can write, draw, annotate, and sign electronic documents directly on screen. The 10.1” Full  HD LCD screen has a hardened surface that provides outstanding durability and a paper-like feel. The built-in HDMI video interface also enables the DTH-1152 to be integrated seamlessly into VDI/RDS and Linux systems.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Optimal user comfort with the 10.1” color Full HD LCD panel that allows easy document viewing and signing, drawing and annotating directly on the screen

  • Intuitive input with multi-touch functionality for easy navigation and support for common gestures

  • Outstanding durability via the scratch-resistant hardened cover glass that provides easier viewing in different lighting conditions and a paper-like feel

  • Flexible installation via the HDMI video interface that allows seamless integration into any system including Citrix, VMware or Linux, and support for VCP (Virtual Com Port) connection for use  in legacy VDI/RDS environments

  • Enhanced stability with cable protection that prevents accidental disconnections

  • Convenient usage with landscape and  portrait mode, and built-in VESA mounting  holes also provide mounting options and the use of third-party stands

What's included:

  • DTH-1152
  • cordless and battery-free pen
  • pen tether
  • 5 extra pen nibs
  • nib removal tool
  • 3-in-1 cable
  • AC power adapter
  • power cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • IPI

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