Optimize your creative workflow with Loupedeck's most powerful and highly customizable editing console, Loupedeck CT for innovative and ambitious creative professionals.

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Loupedeck CT


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  • Meet Loupedeck: Compact, customizable editing consoles for creative professionals. Loupedeck’s unique multi-button and haptic dial setup allows you to make precise adjustments with exceptional accuracy.
  • Works with your software: Experience native integrations to leading software such as Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and more.
  • Customized profiles: Both Loupedeck CT and Wacom Intuos Pro allow you to customize your controls for an experience that fits your unique workflow. Set your shortcuts to the effects you use the most – then adapt them as your work evolves.
  • Design that lasts: Loupedeck consoles blend design and function, using high-quality aluminum and LED backlighting. You won’t only edit like a professional, you’ll look like one too.

Please note that Wacom does not warrant third party products. Rather, third party products are warranted, if at all, by the applicable third party manufacturer. This product is manufactured by Loupedeck. The limited warranties offered by Loupedeck are accessible here. Any warranty claims or other claims regarding the product should be asserted against Loupedeck, and not against Wacom.

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