With its 10.1” color LCD screen, the Wacom DTU-1031AX is the economical pen display solution for corporate or institutional customers who require a compact device for managing full-size documents electronically.

Operating as a pen-enabled LCD display, its small footprint and single USB cable enable easy integration into standard IT infrastructure elements, such as POS systems.

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DTU-1031AX Interactive Pen Display


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The DTU-1141B provides an ideal document viewing and signing experience with its 10.1-inch, full HD resolution screen, minimal footprint and thin profile. It operates as an external monitor, but utilizes Wacom’s patented pen technology to provide input for writing and signing. It is perfect for business applications that benefit from people working directly on screen with a pen, such as presenting forms for customers to review sign electronically, or mark up and annotate documents. While not in use for signing, it can display slideshows or advertising videos.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Optimal user comfort with the 10.1”, 1024 x 600 resolution, color LCD panel that allows easy document viewing and signing
  • Outstanding durability via the scratch-resistant, hardened cover glass that provides easier viewing in different lighting conditions
  • Highly accurate signatures and writing with the patented Wacom cordless and battery-free pen, featuring 512 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Flexible working position via a slim profile that allows the device to be used flat on the counter, at an angle with the integrated stand or attached to compatible third-party arms/stands
  • Secure transactions enabled by advanced AES256/RSA2048 encryption
  • Minimal installation clutter with a single USB cable that supplies power and data with built in lock to prevent dislodgement

What's included:

  • DTU-1031AX
  • Cordless, battery free pen
  • Nylon tether (50 cm)
  • 3m USB cable
  • 5 Extra Pen nibs and nib remover
  • 4 VESA mounting screws

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