Maximize Efficiency

Enhance your production and post-production workflows with Wacom Movink, offering enhanced efficiency and performance for both individual and collaborative projects. Immerse yourself in unparalleled pen-on-screen precision, ensuring seamless interaction with every stroke. Manage colors with professional-grade accuracy, ensuring consistency and fidelity throughout your projects. Enjoy unrestricted app usage on your host device, empowering your creative process without limitations.

Wacom for Business

Pen devices for creative enterprise and beyond

Wacom pen tablets and pen displays are leading in the creative industry. Professionals all over the world rely on Wacom's technology to create stunning 3D art, movies, animations, drawings and many more. You are looking for new possibilities for your business or need an upgrade to your existing setup? We are happy to assist you with our tailor-made solutions for your studio, office, creative department or any other business type. Please send your request using the form and your Wacom contact person will get in touch in you shortly.

At last – truly paper-free processes.

With Wacom digital pen and ink technology

Paper is often still a logjam in digital processes – especially for signing important documents, making notes or completing forms. Wacom leads the world in the digital pen and technology that can remove paper from your processes for good.



Add familiar, consistently accurate and legally-binding handwritten eSignatures easily to any document – in-store, in the office or from home.


Add personal notes and sketches within documents when preparing lessons, during classes and meetings, or when talking to customers.

Form Filling

Enable administrators and customers to complete forms digitally using their own handwriting, and/or handwriting to text conversion software.

Use Cases


Display documents digitally and secure handwritten eSignatures on contracts in-branch with Wacom signature pads.


Streamline patient registration, improve imaging management and enhance the patient/doctor experience with Wacom signature pads and pen displays


Bring learning experiences to life – in the classroom or online – with Wacom interactive pen displays.


Streamline and accelerate citizen services with paperless internal and customer-facing processes using Wacom signature pads for form-filling.

Wacom for Business Signature Set

Compact desktop electronic signing solutions

Wacom Signature Sets enable reliable, accurate handwritten electronic signature capture in an attractive, compact form factor for any counter or desktop.

Wacom for Business Pen Display

Beautifully effective digital working

Wacom Pen Displays enable to write, draw, or sign directly on screen with biometrically accurate and attractively rendered digital ink.

Wacom for Business Accessories

A little extra flexibility

Our adapters and cables help you get the most out of your Wacom pen displays, however and wherever you use them.

Wacom's Pen Technology

Cordless, battery-free pen

AES/RSA Encryption

Legally binding signatures

Hardened, Anti-glare glass

Durable EMR sensors

High resolution screens

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