Wacom pen tablets and displays available with 5 year warranty 

Fuel Your Creativity, Uninterrupted: Embrace Worry-Free Artistry with Our Exclusive 5-Year Warranty

Wacom devices have represented quality, durability, and a focus on creativity for decades. So you don't have to worry about the hardware, allowing your concentration to be fully on your work, we offer some of our best-sellers with an extended warranty. Choose one of these devices, and you'll receive extended security beyond the standard 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

Avoid interruptions to your creative flow or income losses.

With an extended warranty period, you work on your projects with fewer worries, and in the rare event of a technical issue, you'll be back in action quickly. Our goal is to get you, as a creative professional, back to the drawing board as swiftly as possible. Avoid income losses, unnecessary maintenance expenses, and unplanned replacements with our selection of products featuring extended warranties.

Wacom Support for every case

Getting started, drivers, hardware questions, or assistance with your order – Wacom Support is always there for you. If you ever encounter an issue with your pen tablet or graphic display, our trained support staff is ready to assist you. Directly to the right point of contact: