Payment and Taxes

Payment Process

a) The Wacom ANZ eStore facilitates you to make payments using one or more of the following methods:

  1. MasterCard;
  2. Visa;
  3. PayPal;
  4. Apple Pay;
  5. ZipMoney (if and when available on the Wacom ANZ eStore).

b) The billing address for your credit card must be in the same as the country to which you want to have the Order shipped to. We cannot accept credit cards on the Wacom ANZ eStore that are issued outside of Australia or New Zealand.

c) Where you use MasterCard, Visa, PayPal or Apple Pay to pay for your Order, you agree that the terms and conditions of the relevant third party payment providers apply to your Order.

d) Where you use ZipMoney to pay for your Order, the Wacom ANZ eStore will take you to the ZipMoney website where they will provide you with their terms and conditions. You must accept those terms and conditions of use to be able to use that payment method for your Order.

e) By providing a credit card or using other payment method accepted by us, you represent and warrant that:

  1. you are authorised to use that payment method;
  2. you authorise us to charge that payment method for the total amount of your Order (including any applicable taxes, shipping and other charges);
  3. there are, at the time of you offer to place the Order, and there will continue to be until we actually charge your payment method in accordance with these Terms of Sale, sufficient funds available to pay for the total amount of your Order (including any applicable taxes, shipping and other charges).

When Payment gets taken from your Account

f) Please note that it may take up to 3 business days to verify your payment. You must resolve any problem we encounter to be able to proceed with your Order. If you want to change or update any payment information associated with your Wacom ANZ eStore account, you can do so at any time by logging into your account and editing your payment information.

g) Where your Order is for services Wacom takes payment immediately it provides an unconditional Order Confirmation for that Order.

h) When you pay by credit card or Apply Pay, we place an authorisation on your credit card/Apple Pay at the time that we provide you with an unconditional Order Confirmation. This authorisation reserves the amount that is payable for your Order (including any applicable taxes, shipping and other charges) to us on your credit card/Apple Pay for up to 30 days and prevents you using that amount for any other purpose. Where your Order is for products, Wacom only takes the amount that is payable to us from your credit card/Apple Pay when Wacom authorises the shipment of your Order to you. Generally the period between providing you with an unconditional Order Confirmation and authorisation of shipment is very short (less than 24 hours), although it may take longer where items on your Order are out of stock or are for pre-orders.

i) When you pay by PayPal, you make payment immediately at the time of checkout, and you should receive an unconditional Order Confirmation at that time. You cannot then cancel your Order prior to shipment.

j) When you pay by ZipMoney, your payment arrangements are determined by the terms and conditions that ZipMoney offers at the time of your purchase. You should read these carefully prior to using ZipMoney as your payment method.


Payment Failures

k) If we are unable to receive payment for any reason you may be contacted to discuss the issue and try and resolve the problem. We may also try and resolve the problem without contacting you (for example by contacting the payment service provider). We may suspend or terminate any Order, without any liability to you, where we do not receive full payment from your chosen payment method at the time we attempt to process the payment.  We may re-instate an Order, subject to revised delivery dates, if we subsequently receive payment in full, and will notify you accordingly.


Processing Refunds

l) Any refunds that may become due to you under the Terms of Sale will be paid to the same payment method as you used to pay the original price to us, unless we determine otherwise.



m) Where the physical address and ship-to address that you entered into the Wacom ANZ eStore are in the same country, the Wacom ANZ eStore will add to the price payable for your Order:

  1. Australian Goods and Services Tax, where the addresses are both in Australia;
  2. New Zealand Goods and Services Tax, where the addresses are both in New Zealand

n) The amount of tax that is added to the price is shown on your invoice.


Information Exchange

o) When you enter your preferred payment method details to place an Order in the Wacom ANZ eStore, such as credit card number, Apple Pay details, PayPal details, ZipMoney details etc, these details are stored and processed directly by the relevant payment provider and not Wacom. The relevant payment provider and Wacom exchange information (other than those payment method details) relating to when and how payment (or any applicable refund) is to be made, or has been made, to help Wacom deal with your Order. If the payment method cannot be verified, is invalid, is rejected or is otherwise unacceptable, you will be advised at the time you try and process the Order, and no contract will be made with us for that Order unless and until payment has been made. We may also use any information that you include in your Order or that you provide to us outside of the Wacom ANZ eStore (e.g. information provided to our support team) to help us deal with your Order and provide support. We may also use your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.