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Wacom One 13 touch bundle
DTH134-ESTORE Bundle
Wacom One 13 touch bundle

Experience a gateway to the world of digital creativity with the exceptional Wacom One 13 Touch pen display, specifically crafted for aspiring artists. Immerse yourself in a seamless and delightful creative experience with this compact 13" display, perfectly balancing functionality and convenience.

Designed with sustainability in mind, this product caters to environmentally conscious users who already possess a compatible EMR pen and USB-C connection cables. By choosing this option, you not only contribute to reducing electronic waste but also receive the Wacom One 13 Touch display on its own. Connect and control the display effortlessly using your existing pens and cables, unlocking a seamless and sustainable creative journey.

This bundle is a ready-to-go solution including pen and cables right out of the box.

649.95 €
Wacom One Pen Display
Wacom One Pen Display

Embark on a journey of effortless and enjoyable digital creativity with the versatile Wacom One. Choose between the compact 11.6" or the immersive 13.3" Full-HD screen and create your customized pen display setup. The Wacom One 12 boasts a sleek and compact design, while the Wacom One 13 adds the convenience of 10-finger multi-touch functionality. Express your style by selecting your preferred colors for the front and rear of the new Wacom One Standard Pen, or continue using your beloved EMR pens. With UD Pen technology, the Wacom One Series is compatible with a wide range of third-party pens. Make the Wacom One truly yours by adding additional accessories such as a stand, cables, a glove, and more. Explore endless possibilities and make your digital creativity a fun, unique and personalized experience with the Wacom One.

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