Optimized for Windows Ink, Bamboo Ink is a hassle-free digital pen designed for writing, note-taking and annotating documents. Working across a broad range of pen-enabled Windows 10 devices and apps, it lets you intuitively capture your thoughts and ideas.
Bamboo Ink works with Wacom Active ES protocol and Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP). You can easily switch the mode by pressing and holding both side-switches at the same time for two seconds.

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Bamboo Ink Grey

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  • Compatible with Windows 10 pen-enabled devices (MPP/AES) and apps.
  • No pairing needed, just tap on the Windows Ink Workspace icon or your favorite apps on the screen to start writing.
  • Its sensitive fine tip combines up to 4,096 pressure levels, so everything you write down will be precise.
  • Suit your style of writing and drawing with an accessory kit of three nibs – soft, medium and firm (sold separately).
  • Cylindrical shape and durable aluminium body.


What's included

  • Bamboo Ink
  • Quick Start Guide
  • AAAA battery

Made for Windows 10 devices

You can find a list of tested devices at

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