Maximize the convenience and flexibility of your workspace. Adjust your Cintiq 16, 15.6” Pen Display for Business, or the DTK1651 display with ease as you customize the tilt angle from 15 to 70 degrees with the Wacom Adjustable Landscape Stand. This Wacom pen display stand allows you to set your desired work angle and is suitable for landscape mode.

The Adjustable Landscape Stand (ACK620K) attaches to the back of your Wacom Cintiq 16, 15.6” Pen Display for Business, or DTK1651. Compatible with the Cintiq 16 (DTK1660), the 15.6” Pen Display for Business (DTK1660E), and the DTK1651.

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Adjustable Stand (Cintiq 16 / Cintiq Pro 16)

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  • Designed to work with Wacom Cintiq 16 and Wacom Cintiq Pro 16
  • Variety of tilt angles, ranging from 19-68°
  • Anti-slip base for stability while in use
  • Includes VESA FDMI (MIS-D 75/75) for use with a display arm
  • Adapter plate to convert from VESA to Wacom spacing included

All you need to know

What's included

  • Stand (MST-A187)
  • Adapter plate (to convert from VESA to Wacom-proprietary spacing)
  • 4 x short VESA screws
  • 4 x short Wacom screws
  • 2 x rubber feet (one left, one right)

Compatible with

  • Wacom Cintiq 16 (DTK1660K0B)
  • Wacom 15.6" Interactive Pen Display (DTK-1651)

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