30 Day Return Policy

30 day Return Policy

a) Wacom provides you with a 30 day return policy on products (other than software products) that you have purchased through our Wacom ANZ eStore, provided that you meet the requirements and following the processes set out in this section 5.

b) This 30 day return policy is in addition to:

  1. your rights to terminate for any other breach of these Terms of Sale as set out in section 11(a); and
  2. any rights under the statutory guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law or your rights under the New Zealand Fair Trading Act 1986 and/or the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, as applicable.

Process to Obtain a Return

c) To take advantage of this 30 day return policy, You may cancel any Order you place through the Wacom ANZ eStore for any reason within 30 days of the date when you received an unconditional Order Confirmation from us:

  1. if you hold a Wacom ID account in the Wacom ANZ eStore, by using the Order history page accessible via your account. Please select your Order and the products you want to return on your Order history page;
  2. if you completed your checkout as a “Guest”, by contacting Wacom Customer Support via telephone at:
    1. in Australia: 1300 2 WACOM (1300 292 266);
    2. in New Zealand: 0800 4 WACOM (0800 492 266).

d) To take advantage of this 30 day return policy, you must then immediately return your Order (and all parts, manuals, components, accessories and any free or promotional goods that accompanied the original Order when it was purchased) to us, in its original packaging, in an “as new” condition, in accordance with our instructions for shipping the product back to us, at your cost. If you purchased a product bundle from Wacom, then the individual products included as part of the bundle can only be returned if all of the products making up the product bundle are also returned at the same time.

e) To take advantage of this 30 day return policy, you must pay for the cost of returning the product to us in accordance with our instructions. (This cost is approximately AUD $15-25 for shipment of most products from Australian CBDs to Wacom’s Australian support centre, or approximately NZD $25 for shipment to New Zealand to Wacom’s New Zealand support centre, but you must pay the exact amount required for making the shipment in accordance with our instructions). Please note the cost of shipment of larger products such as large displays and ergo stands will cost significantly more than the approximated values stated.

f) We strongly recommend that you also pay for insurance that covers the risk of loss or damage to your Order during shipment to the Wacom support centre, as we are not responsible for any loss or damage that occurs during shipment or for non-delivery for any reason.

Other requirements

g) You must delete all applications and data that you have stored on all products that you are returning to us prior to returning it to us. We are not responsible for your application and data, and we may delete them immediately we receive the product without asking you or telling you that we doing so.


Wacom refunds the money

h) Once we have received the Order and have verified that each item is in an “as new” condition and in its original packaging, we will promptly issue you with a refund of the amount that you paid for the product.

i) All products and other items returned to us under this 30 day return policy become our property when we receive them.



j) Our 30 day return policy does not apply:

  1. for software products for which you have purchased a license from Wacom;
  2. where you do not return the product in its original packaging;
  3. where the product that is received by us is not in a condition that, in our opinion, is “as new”; including where the product is damaged during shipment to us;
  4. where you return products without all its parts, manuals, components, accessories and any free or promotional goods that accompanied the original product when it was purchased; or
  5. where any person other than Wacom has attempted to modify or repair any item.

Other Refund and Cancellation Arragements

Order Changes and Cancellations

a) Please double check all your details before confirming your order online.

b) You may cancel your Order at any time prior to Wacom authorising shipment of your Order either:

  1. through the Wacom ANZ eStore “cancel order” functionality (this feature disappears when Wacom has authorised the Order for shipment); or
  2. by calling us on:
    1. in Australia: 1300 2 WACOM (1300 292 266)
    2. in New Zealand: 0800 4 WACOM (0800 492 266)

c) However you should be aware that Orders placed on the Wacom ANZ eStore are processed very quickly and the time for cancelling an order using this method may be very limited (in many cases only minutes).

d) The only other ways of cancelling an Order are:

  1. under our 30 day return policy set out in section 5 above;
  2. under your rights as a consumer;
  3. under section 11(a).