Wacom One with Wacom Intuos small Black Education Bundle


Wacom technology lets teachers and students learn better together

This bundle contains all you need for remote online teaching and eLearning as well as for onsite classroom teaching. Wacom One's 13.3" screen offers teachers a paper-like canvas that feels completely natural when drawing or writing. Enjoy the digital freedom and sketch or paint directly on screen, draw diagrams, annotate documents, enhance photos and videos, plus you can delete, edit and share your creations with ease.

In this way, you can make the online learning experience as familiar and effective as it would be in a physical classroom, while engaging students and enabling real time interactivity.

In an onsite classroom collaboration, you can enable students with a more interactive and personalized learning experience through better engagement by facing the class rather than the whiteboard. Being able to handwrite with the digital pen helps students work out problems and learn more effectively. Combined with included software, real time work and focused help to individual students are now possible.

The included bonus software and ability to connect to certain Android devices open up more possibilities for remote and onsite classroom teaching.

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Including 25 x Wacom Intuos small Black

A very cost-effective way to use the power of handwriting 

Wacom Intuos Small Black provides an opaque writing surface for note-taking and drawing using a digital pen in place of a mouse, proven to aid teaching and classroom learning. Designed for those who are drawing, painting and photo editing with their Mac or PC for the first time, the Wacom Intuos is easy to setup and use, and has unique applications included to get you started.

Bundled apps specially tailored for education

Gain 3 months complimentary access to great bundled apps specially tailored for education: Collaboard, Explain Everything, Kami, Limnu, Pear Deck. All apps enable teachers and students to collaborate and share ideas just as easily as in the classroom.

Offer details

  • 3 months complimentary access to the apps
  • Offer valid until November 30, 2021
  • Valid for Windows 10, macOS 10.13 or later and Android
  • Wacom ID and product registration required

With Collaboard people collaborate in real-time by drawing on the whiteboard, adding sticky notes, documents, images, videos and much more. People visualize their ideas, brainstorm, create mind maps and much more on a shared board.

Whether you need to create a presentation or explainer video, guide or task others, explain any topic or design a project, this one’s for you. You can quickly share the results of your thinking with others or collaborate on a project with a group.

Kami transforms any existing document into canvas for expression or an interactive learning experience. Work collaboratively in real-time and ignite creativity with an array of annotation tools accessible with your Wacom pen display and Wacom pen tablet.

Limnu offers a full-featured online whiteboard with the best collaborative drawing surface on the market. People know how to use it because it looks and feels like a physical whiteboard and yet it is fast and fluid with remote participants.

Founded by educators, Pear Deck makes it easy for teachers to build and launch interactive presentations within Google and Microsoft classroom tools, helping students engage with their teacher, classmates, and new ideas, every day.

Wacom One ideal for remote and in-person learning

Large screen

The 13-inch full HD screen provides ample space for annotation and drawing

Realistic feel

With natural surface friction, teachers have the feeling of writing on actual paper

Digital Ink

Accurate digital ink writing transforms lesson materials and presentations.

Features Wacom One

  • Paper-like canvas – natural surface friction, minimal reflection
  • Looks and feels like a standard pen – no need for batteries
  • One pen, many uses – software for multiple pens and brushes
  • Space to play – nearly A4/Letter size full color display
  • Digital freedom – sketch, paint, annotate, edit, share
  • Connect your way – Mac or PC, certain Android devices
  • Bonus Pack included – brilliant apps to explore
  • Includes creative software: purchase & register your Wacom One and receive Bamboo Paper Pro, Clip Studio Paint Pro (3-month license, Adobe Fresco (6-month license) and choose between Adobe Premiere Rush or Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom (2-month license)*

A natural partnership with Wacom Intuos small Black

Natural pen on paper feel

The 4k pressure-sensitive pen, designed to suit both left-and right-handed students, has an ergonomic design for ease-of-use and comfort. Electro-Magnetic Resonance Technology (EMR) makes it battery-free, so there’s no charging and no interruption when you’re in full flow.

Strong and stylish

This durable, lightweight pen tablet is easy to move between classrooms and store away. Its new sleek and stylish design takes up very little desk space.

Tailored for your needs

This pen tablet comes with bonus apps specially tailored for teachers and students to collaborate and share ideas just as in the classroom.

Features Wacom Intuos small Black

  • 4096 pen pressure sensitivity
  • Battery-free pen using EMR (Electro-Magnetic Resonance) technology
  • 100 lines per mm recognition lets the tablet know exactly where your pen is
  • Just 8.8mm thin, the tablet is as slim and sleek as a smartphone
  • 2 pen buttons for quick access shortcuts
  • 4 customizable ExpressKeys™ for faster, efficient shortcuts
  • 7-inch active tablet area on small model. 10-inch active area for medium models
  • Bundled apps specifically tailored for education included
  • Includes creative software: choose between Corel Painter Essentials 7 or Corel Aftershot Pro 3 (3-month license)*

    *To get complimentary software you need to sign-in or create a Wacom ID with your personal data and register your Wacom product

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