Wacom Cintiq Pro 32 (touch) with Ergo Stand Bundle


Create directly on our largest canvas with premium colour performance

Wacom Cintiq Pro 32 (31.5" display) is an advanced creative pen display, featuring a premium 4K screen with world class colour performance and virtually no parallax. Combined with Wacom Pro Pen 2, the Wacom Cintiq Pro pen display offers an experience designed to enhance every creative breakthrough. The included Wacom Pro Pen 2 provides state-of-the-art creative pen technology. 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity and unparalleled tilt recognition means that every stroke, every move of your hand is followed with unerring accuracy. And at 31.5”, you have an incredible amount of space to bring your ideas to life.

What's included
  • Wacom Ergo Stand for Wacom Cintiq Pro 32 (more details)
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Including Wacom Ergo Stand

Attach the Wacom Ergo Stand to your Cintiq Pro 32 to help you create in complete comfort. Raise, tilt and rotate your pen display to easily adjust the viewing angle and find the most natural position for you. Once attached to Ergo Stand, your Cintiq Pro 32 becomes a stable surface on which to create – just like drawing at a drafting table. The easily adjustable stand means you can configure your Cintiq Pro 32 to suit the space and lighting wherever you happen to be working.

Bonus Software Included

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Boris FX Suite

Gain 3 months complimentary access to this award-winning collection of products for creative photo editing and video post-production. Contains over 500 visual effects plugins and professional tools for masking, tracking, keying, paint and graphics.

3 month license, offer valid until 15.02.2022

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Gain 3 months complimentary access to OTOY's GPU based real-time mesh sculpt-animate tool. Sculptron is intended for creating 3D animations and edit caches (MDD) using sculpting tools and Deformers through a powerful Modifier Stack. It also allows to convert sculpt-animated meshes into volumes and export those in VDB format.

3 month license, offer valid until 15.02.2022

Free Adobe software for more imagination

Add Adobe CC Photo Plan to every purchase.

Upgrade your Wacom experience and choose from the gold standard of creative software with this limited-time offer. Get amazing photos with both Photoshop and Lightroom apps as part of the Adobe CC Photo Plan. Photoshop allows you to magically create what your camera can’t. Lightroom is a cloud-based service with mobile tools to create, edit, organise and store images across any device.

2 month license, offer valid until 30.09.2022

Check out our warranty

Now your Wacom Cintiq Pro comes with extra warranty protection at a low price. Now with 3 years warranty on-site exchange in select countries*

*On-site exchange available in most EU countries only (excl. Malta, Cyprus, the Canary Islands or French Overseas Department)

Natural harmony between pen, screen and you

Wacom Pro Pen 2's high precision and unparalleled tilt recognition recreate the familiar relationship between hand and pen. Responsive to 8,192 different levels of pressure sensitivity, Pro Pen 2 can recognize every stroke – from the lightest touch to the heaviest hand. The etched glass screen further enhances your creative experience. It provides a distinct, tactile experience as you draw, mimicking the feel of a pen on paper while reducing unwanted glare and reflections.

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