Wacom One with Noris digital jumbo


STAEDTLER Noris digital meets Wacom One
Feels like pen & paper, works like magic.

Whether you’re just starting in digital creation, want to add a twist to your visual thinking or looking to improve your digital expression, Wacom One delivers a great experience. The display offers just the right amount of friction for an authentic pen-on-paper feel. And with this bundle, you can take the familiar feel even further. The ergonomics of the STAEDTLER Noris digital jumbo pencil replicate the feel of a high quality graphite pencil. So even though you’re working in digital, it feels like you’re working with pen and paper. Combine with STAEDTLER’s Noris digital jumbo and open a new world of possibilities.


What's included
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An ideal match

This bundle contains all you need to bring your creations to life right away. Wacom One’s 13.3” screen offers a paper-like canvas that feels completely natural when drawing or writing. The included creative software and ability to connect to Android devices open up even more possibilities. And thanks to Wacom’s EMR technology, the STAEDTLER Noris digital jumbo pencil never needs charging or batteries, so it’s ready to go whenever you need it. The pen’s ergonomics mean that it flows at the same pace as your ideas, never slowing you down.

Bundled apps specially tailored for education

Gain 3 months complimentary access to great bundled apps specially tailored for education: Collaboard, Explain Everything, Kami, Limnu, Pear Deck. All apps enable teachers and students to collaborate and share ideas just as easily as in the classroom.

Offer details

  • 3 months complimentary access to the apps
  • Valid for Windows 10, macOS 10.13 or later and Android
  • Wacom ID and product registration required

With Collaboard people collaborate in real-time by drawing on the whiteboard, adding sticky notes, documents, images, videos and much more. People visualize their ideas, brainstorm, create mind maps and much more on a shared board.

Whether you need to create a presentation or explainer video, guide or task others, explain any topic or design a project, this one’s for you. You can quickly share the results of your thinking with others or collaborate on a project with a group.

Kami transforms any existing document into canvas for expression or an interactive learning experience. Work collaboratively in real-time and ignite creativity with an array of annotation tools accessible with your Wacom pen display and Wacom pen tablet.

Limnu offers a full-featured online whiteboard with the best collaborative drawing surface on the market. People know how to use it because it looks and feels like a physical whiteboard and yet it is fast and fluid with remote participants.

Founded by educators, Pear Deck makes it easy for teachers to build and launch interactive presentations within Google and Microsoft classroom tools, helping students engage with their teacher, classmates, and new ideas, every day.

Expand your skillset with our software offers

With natural pen strokes, unlimited tones and 3D figure templates, Clip Studio Paint Pro has everything comic-book artists and manga lovers dream of. Get creative software worth over 23€ (£20) with every purchase*.

Enjoy a great digital creation experience and discover a new world of possibilities with Wacom One. Enhance your painting skillset with Adobe Fresco, combining the expressiveness and precision of the world’s largest collection of vector and raster brushes.

Get a free 6-month subscription of Adobe Fresco with every purchase of Wacom One until October 17th, 2022*.

Wacom's own Bamboo Paper with Pro Pack features will transform your device into a paper notebook to capture every idea, sketch or drawing with life-like precision.

Magma Studio has all the features that you expect from a professional drawing & painting tool, with one major difference – it works directly in your browser. Optimized for Wacom devices, enjoy the power of instant creativity without needing to install a single thing.

Get a free 3-month Pro subscription of Magma Studio with every purchase of Wacom One until August 22nd, 2022*

Use Photoshop to transform your images into works of art to draw and paint whatever you dream up. Lightroom makes it simple to create photos that look just the way you want, plus you can easily organize, store, and share your photos. Get 2 months complimentary access to Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan worth over 23€ (£20) with every purchase until October 17th, 2022*.

To see more details on redemption visit our Terms and Conditions below.

*To get your complimentary software, register your Wacom One by signing in or creating a Wacom ID with your personal data. Additional registration with Adobe is required.

*To get your complimentary software, register your Wacom One by signing in or creating a Wacom ID with your personal data. Additional registration with Adobe, Clip Studio,Magma Studio is required.

This bundle is designed for

Remote teaching, eLearning, remote working, and creative beginners.

Paper-like canvas

with natural surface friction and minimal reflection, it feels like you’re drawing or writing on paper, not glass

Just like a standard pen

with no need for batteries, it’s a pen that feels and looks just right in your hand. And, it’s so accurate, what you do is what you see

Space to play

see your imagination come to life in full colour on a display that’s nearly A4 in size


  • Paper-like canvas provides natural surface friction and minimal reflection
  • The STAEDTLER writing experience, now digital
  • No need for charging or batteries
  • Combination of two pens and creative software gives you multiple pen and brush options
  • Space to play – nearly A4 size full colour display
  • Digital freedom – write, sketch, paint, annotate, edit, share
  • Bonus Pack included – brilliant apps to explore
  • Connect your way – Mac or PC, certain Android devices

All you need to know

What's included

  • Wacom One creative pen display 13.3”
  • Wacom One pen
  • STAEDTLER Noris digital jumbo
  • Five replacement nibs and a tool for their replacement
  • Wacom One X-Shape cable
  • AC adapter (12W)
  • AC plug head
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Regulation sheet


  • Windows 7 & later
  • Mac OS 10.13 & later
  • Android 6.0 & later*

* Connection to select Android devices requires an additional 3rd party adapter. Check out the list of compatible Android devices and 3rd party adapters at

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