6mm Stylus rubber nibs for Wacom Bamboo Stylus are perfect for users who apply light on–screen pressure when writing and drawing. The highly responsive soft nib eliminates the need to apply heavy pressure during use, delivering a sensitive and smooth feeling on the glass surface. Easily attached to the tip of 1st generation Wacom Bamboo Stylus, these soft rubber nibs are compatible with Bamboo Alpha, Solo, Duo, Pocket, and Mini models.
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Soft Nib set (3 pack) for Bamboo Stylus

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Compatible with

  • Bamboo Stylus Solo (1st Generation)
  • Bamboo Stylus Duo (1st Generation)
  • Bamboo Stylus Alpha (1st Generation)
  • Bamboo Alpha (2nd Generation)
  • Bamboo Stylus mini (1st Generation)
  • Intuos Creative Stylus (1st Generation)

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