Grip Pen for I3, C21 (Option)


The Grip Pen is equipped with a waisted rubberised grip area that reduces gripping power by up to 40%, relieving stress and alleviating writing fatigue.  

The optimum weight, the perfect balance and its tilt sensitivity making it the most natural freehand tool designed for extensive use. It is the must have for professional users.  It includes replaceable pen nibs as well as a new Stroke and Felt pen nib.    

Intuos3 and Cintiq input devices can not be used with Intuos1 or Intuos2 tablets!  



  • Waisted rubberised grip area  
  • Pressure-sensitive pen tip  
  • Tilt sensitive  
  • Removable & programmable double-side switch  
  • Eraser  
  • Tool ID

What´s included   

  • Grip Pen with standard nib  
  • Standard nibs (3x)  
  • Stroke nib (1x)  
  • Felt nib (1x) 
102.85 €