Bamboo Stylus Standard (Soft) Nibs


Standard soft replacement nibs for Bamboo Stylus, designed for a highly-responsive pen experience (pack of 3 nibs)


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Thanks to the highly-responsive Soft Nib, you don’t have to apply heavy pressure to your Bamboo Stylus when you’re writing and drawing on an iPad or other tablet.

If you’re used to applying light pressure, you’ll enjoy the give of the Soft Nib. It delivers a sensitive, smooth feel on the glass surface. Soft Nibs easily attach to the tip of any Bamboo Stylus by Wacom, including the Bamboo Stylus solo, Bamboo Stylus duo, and Bamboo Stylus pocket. Simply unscrew the existing nib from the tip and replace as needed. Each package includes three (3) black replacement tips.


  • Bamboo Stylus Solo (1st Gen)

  • Bamboo Stylus Duo (1st Gen)

  • Bamboo Stylus Alpha (1st Gen)

  • Bamboo Alpha (2nd Gen)

  • Bamboo Stylus Mini (1st Gen)

  • Intuos Creative Stylus (1st Gen)

Note: Not compatible with Bamboo Stylus Solo and Duo (2nd Gen)