Bamboo Ink Plus


The Bamboo Ink Plus is a digital pen designed primarily for creative development. With it you can take notes, draw and sketch on the screen as naturally as on paper.

Compatibility: For Windows devices. Check for a list of tested devices.


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  • Natural feel: The Bamboo Ink Plus has a natural tilt detection* and several customizable pen tips**
  • High touch sensitivity and a sensitive, fine pen tip with up to 4,096 pressure levels provide more precision
  • With the Bluetooth button to start the Windows Ink workspace, ideas can be implemented immediately
  • Battery replacement is not required - charging is via a USB-C port
  • The ergonomic triangular profile provides a comfortable soft-touch surface and the feel of a pencil
  • Compatible with a range of pen-enabled devices. Automatically switches between Wacom Active ES protocol and Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP)

*Depending on the third-party device. **The use of the tips depends on the respective third-party device.

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