6D Art Pen


The 6D Art Pen is the perfect tool to use if you're looking for refined, variable control of artistic pens, brushes, markers, and more.


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With six dimensions of pen control, the 6D Art Pen offers you 360 degrees of barrel rotation, allows you to tilt the pen in any direction, and easily change pen position on the fly. Features include 1,024 levels of pressure-sensitivity, a large grip area for enhanced comfort, both hard plastic and felt nibs for different "feels", and utilizes patented cordless, battery-free technology for reliable and consistent operation. Ships with a free pen stand.


The 6D Art Pen is compatible with the following Wacom products only. Please check the model number of your tablet or display before ordering.

  • Intuos3 PTZ-430/630/930/1230
  • Cintiq 12UX DTZ-1200
  • Cintiq 21UX 1st Gen DTZ-2100

The Art Pen does not work with the Intuos (GD), Intuos2 (XD), Graphire Models, Bamboo Models, or any other Wacom product that is not listed above.