Intuos3 Art Marker (Option)


Most designers know the classical felt marker – basically a high-value felt pen with an angled tip that enabled the designer to draw thick and fine strokes by simply turning the marker by 180° along its longitudinal axis.

With the new Art Marker, designers can enter the time capsule and get the good old marker feeling - with the advantages of the digital realm: This pen has – like its traditional counterpart – a broad, angled pen tip, which is made of either plastic or real felt. Additionally, the Art Marker is rotation-sensitive at 360°, so you can – if the software support rotation-sensitivity – change the width of your stroke by simply turning the pen s barrel - like with a real felt marker. You also can substitute a calligraphic fountain-pen with your Art Marker ...  

The Art Marker is supplied with three replacement nibs, one plastic and two felt nibs, so you are basically getting two pens at the same time.   



  • Rotation-sensitive  
  • Pressure-sensitive pen tip  
  • Tilt sensitive  
  • Tool ID

What´s included

  • Art Marker with standard nib
  • Standard nib (1x)
  • Felt nibs (2x)
80,04 €